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R65 - WR & NonWR Canvas - Accio Black - Pre order

Water Resistant Canvas - 100% Cotton Canvas Water Resistant, 260 GSM, Width 56"-58", Sold by the yard

Canvas - 100% Cotton Canvas, 260 GSM, Width 56"-58", Sold by the yard

SNC Fabric Bases 101

This is custom printed fabric, imported from China. The supplier has Okeo-Tex 100 certification; free from harmful substances and excellent colorfastness using fiber reactive dye. Shrinkage for natural fibers are estimated to be 7%. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges please. This type of fabric may have an occasional minor defect, as with any other custom knit fabric. All efforts are made to ensure the highest possible quality. If you happen to accidentally receive a flaw or have any questions or other issues, please email or contact us on Facebook.

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Recommended washing instructions: Turn finished product inside out if possible, wash on short gentle cycle, cool water. Dry on low or line dry. Avoid mixing with any abrasive materials in wash and dry. Avoid bleach, ironing or dry cleaning. Fabric Mail LLC - Terms of Sale