• Where can I order retail?
      1. Retail will be listed on the website www.fabricmail.com. Retail is typically available but will be turned off from time to time when processing back to back preorders or when the owners are on vacation.

  • How does a preorder work?
      1. Preorders are opened with a set timeframe in mind. We send samples or strikes to the strike off team to sew up examples of what you can make with the prints. We normally open a preorder at 6pm EST on the specified date and close it at 11:59pm EST on the close date. Preorders can be completed through the website www.fabricmail.com/preorder. Once the preorder is closed, we send the order to the printer. They will work on our order once the queue of prior orders is complete. They then ship our rolls of completed fabrics back to SNC headquarters for processing. Processing is where we cut down the rolls of completed fabric into your individual orders. We then pack them up and ship them out. Processing can take 2-4 weeks or more depending on the size of the preorder. The entire preorder process takes 6-12 weeks from the time the order is submitted to the printer. 

  • How often do you offer preorders?
      1. We try to offer preorders approximately once a month.

  • Can you reprint a print I like?
      1. We definitely have the option to reprint many options. Please reach out to an admin.

  • Do you offer custom printing?
      1. We do offer print on demand. Please out to Adrienne Alexa Azurin-Cain.

  • What is a flash round?
      1. A flash round is a preorder round that is usually only open for a short period of time with a quick turn around. A flash round usually takes 3-6 weeks to get back to us.

  • Where can I get updates?
      1. We regularly post updates to the Facebook group. The updates include wall posts and updates in the album for that particular round.

  • What bases do you offer?
      1. We currently offer the following bases:
        1. 95/5% Cotton Spandex Jersey Knit 250 GSM (4 way stretch)
        2. 95/5% Cotton Spandex Sateen  Woven 200 GSM (2 way Stretch)
        3. 100% Cotton Woven - 140 GSM
        4. 100% Polyester Single Side Minky 200 GSM (2 way stretch)
        5. Plush Double Sided Minky (4 way stretch)
        6. Bamboo Lycra (Rayon) 95/5% 230 - 240 GSM
        7. 86%/14%  Athletic Poly Spandex 240 GSM (4 way stretch)
        8. 95/5% Cotton Spandex French Terry 250 GSM (4 way stretch)
        9. 86/14% Polyester Spandex Swim UPF 50 185GSM (4 way stretch)

    Please check out the information available on different bases for more information

  • What are seconds?
      1. Seconds are prints that may have a flaw. This could be something from a smudge to test holes or issues with the seamless print. We will include that information in the listing if a print is flawed.

  • How is the fabric sold?
      1. Fabric is sold by the yard. You can order through the website www.fabricmail.com 

  • Do you offer international shipping?
      1. We do offer international shipping. We ship the least expensive way possible. Shipping is calculated upon checkout.

  • My package says it’s delivered, but it isn't. What do I do?
      1. You can reach out to your local post office and contact an admin with any concerns.

  • What insurance do you offer on packages?
      1. $100 insurance is included for domestic priority flat rate packages. $200 is included for the international flat rate priority package. Please reach out to us if there is an issue with your package during shipping.

  • What can I share on your page?
      1. You are welcome to share items made with SNC products which include the Batwing Mask, SNC fabrics, and SNC elastic

  • Where is the Batwing Mask?
      1. You can find the Batwing Mask here

  • What fabric base can I use with the Batwing?
      1. You can use any base you're comfortable with for the mask. Commonly used bases include Cotton Spandex or cotton woven.

  • How do you become a Strike Off Sewist?
      1. We periodically have strike off sewist calls. Please be sure to apply. It also helps to be active in the group and share your creations using our products.

  • Can I share my small shop information?
      1. Absolutely. You are welcome to share your small shop information where you sell items made from SNC products.

  • Do you offer discounts?
      1. We periodically have sales. We also offer a discount when there is an order of 10+ yards of a specific print in a specific base (ie. 10 yards of a butterflies on Cotton woven. This wouldn’t apply if it were for multiple bases or if it were for multiple prints, it must be a minimum of 10 yards per print and base.)

  • Do you have sales?
      1. We do periodically have sales. Please make sure your notifications are turned on to know when those are coming.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
      1. We accept PayPal, Shopify Pay, Laybuy, and Amazon

  • Do you offer Layaway?
      1. We do, we offer Laybuy and manual invoices.
    • Do you offer Sezzle?

         1. Yes we do offer Sezzle at checkout.

  • How can I pay off Laybuy?
      1. Please follow the steps found here

  • Do you offer sezzle?
      1. At this time we do not offer sezzle. We offer Laybuy and you also have the option to request an invoice. This is done on a case by case basis as it requires a significant amount of time.

  • I design prints, how can I work with you?
      1. Reach out to Adrienne Alexa Azurin-Cain.

  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?
      1. You can post in the group and tag an admin

  • What are your Terms of Sale?
      1. You can find our Terms of Sale here

  •  How do I find shipping information?
      1. Once your order has been shipped, the order in your account will have the tracking information added. Please give a few days' allowance  for shipping movement, thanks for your patience!

  • Shipping cost for domestic and international?
    1. Shipping Policy and prices can be found here

  • Shipping configuration for 100% Cotton Woven?
    1. First Class upto 2 yards
    2. PFRe upto 6
    3. Mfrb upto 13
    4. LFRb up to 21 yards
    • I can not pull up my order by logging in to the website. I can’t login.
    1. Retrieve your password. Use the “forget password” feature.
    2. Initiate a new account using the email you used, if it goes through that means you have not made an account yet. If it is the same email that you used, it will pull up the old orders you have made using that same email.
    3. Contact an admin if both steps did not work out.