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What machine do I need to sew your fabric?

A common question we have seen is asking what sewing machine someone would need to sew any of the prints and bases we offer. The simple answer is any sewing machine will work. It is most important to pay attention to the stitch, tension, sewing machine foot, and needle you are using when sewing with different bases.

A regular sewing machine can sew any base we offer. It is recommended to use a universal needle for woven fabrics and ballpoint or stretch needle for knit fabrics. Some also prefer to use a stretch thread in the bobbin when sewing with knits. 

Any sewing machine will do. You can sew with a vintage machine, a simple budget machine, a heavy duty consumer machine, or an industrial machine. I personally use a Janome HD1000 that I received as a Mother's Day gift. It was approximately $300-350, but has served me well. There are many machines available in many different price ranges, it may take a bit of research to find the perfect machine for you.

These are some thoughts to consider while shopping and before purchasing:

How easy is it to use?

What are others' thoughts on the machine?

Is it easy to get help/support?

Does your local repair shop know how to service the machine?

Is the machine going to fit in your sewing space?

Will the machine easily store?

Is it easy to find parts (needles, bobbins, replacement pedals, etc.)?

Can you take classes on the features of the machine, locally or online?

Will it be able to handle the thick fabrics you may want to sew (pinky, multiple layers of cotton, polyester, etc.)?

What stitches does it offer? Normally you want at least a straight stitch and a stretch stitch. Others depend on what else you'll be sewing.

We recommend getting the best machine you can afford and it is always a great idea to ask others about how they like or do not like a specific machine. It will help give you an idea on how long the machine will last, how difficult it may be to use, or if it is worth its weight in gold. I personally love my Janome. It performs better than a simple budget ($50) machine I was gifted at 22 (almost 8 years ago). That same older machine I gave to my sister who is learning to sew and it still serves her well. You don't need to spend a lot to get a quality machine. 

-Melissa Keane

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