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Welcome to Sweet N Charmed! Meet the Team!

We here at Sweet N Charmed have decided it’s time we start our blog! Our blog posts may contain anything from fabric recommendations, examples of what we have made with fabric types, tips & tricks, tutorials, pattern ideas, modifications ideas, sew a long posts, information about prior and current rounds, or anything in between. We will also have examples of what to make with all of the fabric bases we offer.

We will share the different patterns we use in each post. We will also include what fabric based is used and why we may have opted to use it.

And now, a little bit about Sweet N Charmed and the names you’ve come to recognize.

Sweet N Charmed is a custom fabric business started in August of 2013 and has grown over the years into the group we now know and love.

Adrienne and Lukas are the owners and operators of Sweet N Charmed. They are the reason we have such beautiful fabric. They set up our preorder forms, handle invoicing cut, fold, ship, and process all of our orders. They work with designers on prints. They work with the printer when it comes to issues, improvements, and making sure we have the best product possible for you. Adrienne and Lukas have four beautiful children and live in the alligator infested lands of Florida. In their spare time (which is rare), they enjoy swimming, trips to Disney, and traveling.

Shannon lives in the dairy capital of America, which is weird, because this coffee addict drinks her daily two pots of coffee black. She has a house full with two kids, two dogs, and three cats. She definitely needs large amounts of coffee to keep up with all those. She is a rock star and runs her own sewing business. After a long day of dealing with kids, animals, and orders she enjoys sitting down to an almost quiet house with some chocolate and a glass (or two) of wine.

Melissa lives in the hot desert of Arizona where the summers are brutal and the winters are like northern summers. Melissa has five children (for now) one girl, one boy, a husband, and two pups. Yes, they all are “children”. She taught herself how to sew and has been sewing constantly for about 3 years now. She learned how to sew cloth wipes on a budget machine that she was gifted. This developed a desire to create clothes for mostly herself and her children, occasionally her husband and her dogs.

Valerie is a homeschooling mother of 7. She spends most of her spare time creating. There is a very good chance that she needs an intervention for her fabric and crafting addiction. Val enjoys being with friends and family. Some favorite past times are sewing, crafting, painting, camping, church camp, bonfires, gardening, canning, and FISHING!

Candice is also a homeschooling mom of 7 who lives in Albuquerque. When not sewing or chasing kiddos around, she and her husband of 16 years love to play video games, ride motorcycles, watch football, and joke around. She once entered a state fair baking competition purely so she could claim that she has the best buns in New Mexico (and won)! Candice loves sewing custom clothes and quilts for her family. She is really excited to be a part of the SNC team.

We all love sewing and love giving you ideas on how to make your own amazing creations.

If you have anything you’d like to see in a blog post, feel free to send us that information and we would be happy to work on it for you. 

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