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We have variety of fabrics to offer in this group. Our custom designs will be printed on: 95%Cotton 5%Spandex Cotton Jersey Knit, 220 GSM. o Many may know this as Cotton Lycra. Lycra is a brand name for Spandex, so because of that, we choose to use Spandex in the name of our fabric base. This base has excellent stretch and recovery. It does not have a great drape as it has more body than thinner cotton spandex jersey and will stick out a little while holding its shape. It works well for many garment types. 95%Cotton 5%Spandex French Terry...

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A common question we have seen is asking what sewing machine someone would need to sew any of the prints and bases we offer. The simple answer is any sewing machine will work. It is most important to pay attention to the stitch, tension, sewing machine foot, and needle you are using when sewing with different bases. A regular sewing machine can sew any base we offer. It is recommended to use a universal needle for woven fabrics and ballpoint or stretch needle for knit fabrics. Some also prefer to use a stretch thread in the bobbin when sewing with...

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We here at Sweet N Charmed have decided it’s time we start our blog! Our blog posts may contain anything from fabric recommendations, examples of what we have made with fabric types, tips & tricks, tutorials, pattern ideas, modifications ideas, sew a long posts, information about prior and current rounds, or anything in between. We will also have examples of what to make with all of the fabric bases we offer. We will share the different patterns we use in each post. We will also include what fabric based is used and why we may have opted to use it....

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